Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year, here's a drawing of Tom Baker

I haven't written a post about my favourite stuff of 2018 this year as it seemed pointless. I pick pretty much the same stuff every year. If you're really curious, my favourite comics were Man of Steel, Action Comics, and Superman, (all written by Brian Bendis), my favourite film was Aquaman, and I loooooooved Series 11 of Doctor Who.

I'm going through a phase of not feeling very confident about my art, but I drew a couple of things this year that I was sort of happy with.

In July I drew a picture for Pip Madeley's brilliant Fourth Doctor Night on Twitter. It was based on a famous image from a Sunday Times interview Tom Baker did with Jeffrey Bernard in the 70s. This week I remade it and chucked in a lot more references to my favourite Fourth Doctor stories. I'm still not happy with it if I'm honest, but it was fun to make.

Recently I also drew a comic strip about Doctor Who's many deaths.

You can buy them printed on stuff from redbubble if you fancy.

This year I resolve to write about politics less on social media but read about politics more. Let's see how long that lasts.

Happy New Year everyone! I'm sure 2019 will be splendid.

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