Friday, 30 October 2015

David Bowie and the Haunted Chateau

A friend and I were discussing David Bowie recently and he informed me that the album Low was recorded in a French chateau that Bowie, Brian Eno, and Tony Visconti later claimed was haunted. This painted quite a picture in my mind. Bowie being informed by a video will left by a recently deceased relative that he must spend the night in a haunted house in order to secure his inheritance. Bowie and Eno tip-toeing through a cobwebbed room while the eyes of a portrait of an elderly man who looks just like Bowie follow them. Bowie and Eno being chased by a figure in a white sheet (or possibly a suit of armour), running back and forth and in and out of doors lining a corridor.

I decided to mock-up an image of how I think all this looked. I think it falls into the 'things-only-Paul-finds-funny' category but since it's nearly Halloween I thought I'd share it all the same.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Some old Cartoons by Me

About 8-9 years ago I used to occasionally draw a comic strip and stick it on the internet. The art's not great, but I was looking through them recently and a few of them still made me chuckle so I thought I'd share them here. The humour is crude but lot of the jokes were based on stuff that happened to me when I was single, short-haired, and thin.