Sunday, 10 July 2016

Stan Lee: the Movie, starring Tom Cruise

Since last week an excellent fake movie poster created by EntertainMeWeakly has been whizzing 'round the internet. It depicts Bryan Cranston starring in a biopic of comic book legend and co-creator of the Marvel Universe, Stan Lee!

It really is excellent work, but I couldn't help but think that it seemed a bit too serious. If such a film were to exist I'd like it to focus on the '70s, when Stan was partying around Hollywood, trying to get his creations picked up for a TV or a movie deal. Basically, I wanna see THIS Stan:

Stan Lee is a silver tongued showman, in love with the trappings of success and touched by madness. I'd love to see a movie that reflects this side of him. Who better than wee, mad, cult following, smiley man Tom Cruise to play our Funky Flashman?

And so, inspired by EntertainMeWeakly, here's my take on a Stan Lee Movie poster.