Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Best of this Blog

I wanted to put links to the articles on this blog that I'm most happy with all in one place. Is that egotism or narcissism? Probably. I don't care.

Why I Love Superman The Movie

Three Comics That Shaped My Life

Arguing about Superman with a Comics Writer

Morrison on Moore: Miracleman & The Killing Joke

Doctor Who/Green Lantern in Blackest Night

Is Superman Boring?: A response to Will Leitch's "The Most Mundane Man in Metropolis"

Why I LOVED Zack Snyder's Man of Steel

Man of Steel: In defense of 'Disaster Porn'

What If Different Actors Had Played Doctor Who?

Give Yourself a Rob Liefeld Make Over!

Jimmy Olsen, a girl? Why not?

Why Superman should be gay

The Real Number One Way That Self-Hating Fans Make Genre Entertainment Worse

Movie Spider-Man vs. Comic Book Spider-Man

How I learned to love the Amazing Spider-Man

Superman's Secret Identity: In defense of those glasses

Flash Fact: Wally West is brilliant but it's time for Barry Allen

I like Spider-Man: One More Day

Why I love John Byrne's Man of Steel

How I learned to love the Legion of Superheroes

If you don't like The Dark Knight Rises you are WRONG!

In Defense of Dan Didio's Attitude to Superhero Marriage

Yr Iaith Gymraeg a Fi (The Welsh Language and Me)

And the Lists....

The Best, Worst, and Most Underrated of Doctor Who

Top Ten Best Batman Stories Ever! (That aren't Year One or Dark Knight Returns)

Top Ten Best Superman Stories

Top Ten Best Superman Origins

Top Ten Best Superman Villains

Top Ten Reasons Why Peter David's Aquaman is the mutt's nuts

Top Ten Alternate Versions of Reed Richards

Top Ten Best Superman Costumes

Top Five Best Comics Writers

Top Ten Best Comic Books of 2000-2009

The Best of DC Comics' New 52

Five Things I Hate About the New 52

Top Ten Best Marvel Characters

Top Ten Best DC Comics Characters

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