Monday, 20 November 2017

I drew Superman cos he's awesome

Watching Justice League (which I loved) has put me in a very 'Superman' mood this weekend, even more so than usual. As a result I ended up drawing him. I've modeled him after Christopher Reeve rather than Henry Cavill as Reeve is my favourite. Having said that, Cavill is very good so I'll have to draw him soon.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Doctor Who Art: The Sixth Doctor

I love all of the actors who have ever played Doctor Who, but I love the grumpy ones the best. Small wonder then that my all time favourite Doctors are William Hartnell and Colin Baker, the grumpiest of the lot.

On the two occasions I've met Colin Baker he's been super nice, and he always comes across as such a lovely man in interviews. After the way he was treated by the BBC (put on hiatus and then sacked), and by some fans over the years, he's got every reason to be bitter about his experience on the show. And yet he remains a cheerful and enthusiastic ambassador for Doctor Who, and continues to regularly give magnificent performances as the Doctor for Big Finish.

I love him loads, so I've drawn a picture of him.