Sunday, 29 November 2015

Is this the plot of the new Wonder Woman movie?

This might sound crazy, but I think my friend and I accidentally predicted the plot of the Wonder Woman movie! In 2011 my pal Madeley and I came up with an alternate pitch for Wonder Woman's New 52 reboot, (purely for fanboy fun of course). The little bits of information we've been getting recently about the upcoming 2017 movie seem to strangely echo some of our predictions.

We "pitched" a Wonder Woman who's life spanned the 20th Century. In World War II she was a propaganda tool for the allies and a myth of the battlefield for the enemies.
Wounded, rambling, shell shocked Nazis describe a fearsome female warrior racing towards them on horseback, leading American soldiers up the beach, deflecting machine gun bullets with her bracelets and cutting down their fellow soldiers with her sword.
We said that Steve Trevor would be the man who introduces her to the US Government and gets her involved in the war.

Pictures taken of the filming of the upcoming movie have recently appeared on Heroic Hollywood. They seem to show that it's set during World War I. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), dressed in period costume, appears to be moving among the soldiers, as if she were with them. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is one of these soldiers.

Ok, we got the wrong war, but these pictures still points towards something pretty similar to our pitch. And the potential image of Wonder Woman on horseback, leading soldiers across No Man's Land is a compelling one.

We also suggested that by the present day Wonder Woman should have become a company director.
Diana is still combating evil, but this time as a corporate raider, taking over and gutting corrupt businesses and using their resources for good. She opens a string of women's shelters.
We've seen several pictures on and of Wonder Woman in next year's Batman V Superman. She is seen in a smart, white suit as well as in an evening gown, dancing with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck). While they do not necessarily prove anything these images certainly seem to fit with our "corporate raider" theory.

Finally my friend and I suggested that after a century of trying to find her place Wonder Woman should find a new role for herself in the modern world, as a superhero! Her appearance in Batman v Superman, as well as the eventual Justice League movie should allow her the opportunity to do just that.

I'm sure that any similarities between our "pitch" and the actual film will be coincidental, and of course they may end up being completely different. Either way I'll be going to see it. What do you think? Will our predictions be proved correct?