Saturday, 17 June 2017

Doctor Who: The Masters (in order of greatness)

Recently I drew all of the Doctors for a friend in exchange for her home made eggnog. I posted them here, on my blog in order of my least favourite Doctor to my favourite Doctor. I enjoyed doing it so much that I've done the same with all the incarnations of the Doctor's arch-enemy, the Master. I've restricted myself to 'canon' versions of the character (yes, Big Finish audio adventures are canon, at least as far as I'm concerned, so there!). I've also decided to only include versions that have had significant screen time (or "air time" in the case of the audio adventures), so apologies to William Hughes and Gordon Tipple.

Feel free to share your Master-list in the comments, and let me know what you think of my art. :)

9. Peter Pratt

Best TV episodes: 
The Deadly Assassin (only appearance)

8. Eric Roberts

Best TV episodes: 
Doctor Who: The TV Movie (only appearance, as of this writing)

7. Anthony Ainley

Best TV episodes: 

6. Alex MacQueen

Best audio adventures: 
The Two Masters
Vampire of the Mind

5. Derek Jacobi

Best TV episodes: 
Utopia (only appearance as of this writing)

4. Geoffrey Beevers

Best TV episodes: 
The Keeper of Traken (only TV appearance)

Best audio adventures: 
And You Will Obey Me
The Two Masters
Dust Breeding

3. John Simm

Best TV episodes: 
Last of the Time Lords/ The Sound of Drums
The End of Time Parts 1&2
World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls

2. Michelle Gomez

Best TV episodes: 
The Magician's Apprentice/ The Witch's Familiar
Dark Water/ Death in Heaven
World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls

1. Roger Delgado

Best TV episodes: 
The Sea Devils
The Daemons
Terror of the Autons
The Mind of Evil
Claws of Axos

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