Saturday, 26 March 2016

DC Rebirth Wondercon Announcements

A few hours ago at WonderCon, DC Comics announced the creative teams on this summer's DC Rebirth. Here's how it affects my Pull List.

Staying on the Pull List:

Action Comics - Dan Jurgens & Patrick Zircher, hurray!

SupermanHopefully we'll get the Peter Tomasi who wrote Batman & Robin and not the Peter Tomasi who wrote Superman & Wonder Woman.

Batman - Tom King, hurray! David Finch, ok I guess.

Green Arrow - Ben Percy is staying, hurray!

The Flash - Not familiar with Joshua Williamson's work, but it's the Flash so I'm there!

Aquaman - Dan Abnett's not the most exciting choice but he's a solid and dependable writer.

Added to the Pull List:

All Star Batman - Scott Snyder & John Romita Jr doing a Batman/Two-Face road trip? How could I resist?

Wonder Woman Greg Rucka & Nicola Scott on Wonder Woman Year One? Again, how could I resist?

Might add to the Pull List:

Trinity - Francis Manapul, hurray! But will he still be able to maintain the quality he brought to Flash without his creative partner, Brian Buccellato?

New-Superman - 
Chinese Superman, intriguing.

Super-Sons - Damian Wayne & Jon Kent, sounds fun, but might be too twee. Depends who the creative team are.

Supergirl - I love the idea of Cyborg Superman being Zor-El. That would be my draw to this book.


Justice League - Not a big fan of Bryan Hitch & Tony Daniel I'm afraid.

Kinda interested:

Deathstroke - no interest in the character, but Christopher Priest is writing!

Other observations:

There seem to be at least four Supermen (New 52, Pre-Flashpoint, Luthor, & New Super-Man), and two Lois Lanes running around the DCU. This could be brilliant or it could be messy. Fingers crossed it's the former.

Ted Kord is mentoring Jaime Reyes in Blue Beetle! That sounds ace!

The Bat books sound really interesting. Great to see so many women on board the creative teams. I might check out the trades somewhere down the line.

The new Kid Flash seems to be African-American Wally West! I'm very happy about this.

I hope Geoff Johns is on the mystery Justice League of America book.

I'm looking forward to finding out the Joker's real name before Johns leaves Justice League.

I'm very glad Scott Snyder is now exclusive to DC.

I'm very glad Superman's collar is gone. His new costume seems to be based on Henry Cavill's!

Where are the Justice Society & Shazam books?

What DC books will be on your pull list this summer?

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