Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Best Stuff of 2013 (according to me)

Best comic of 2013: Snyder & Capullo's Batman. Story & art in perfect synergy. Imaginative new twists but still feels classic.

Most underrated comic of 2013: Flash. Consistently fun. Barry & the Rogues feel unique in the New52. Why isn't there more fuss about this book?

Best event of 2013: Throne of Atlantis. Johns on a Justice League event centred around Aquaman? Dream come true for me.

Most disappointing comic of 2013: Fraction's Fantastic Four/FF. FF was way too twee, & F4 felt like we'd seen it all before.

Best film of 2013: Man of Steel, 'natch.

Best non-comics related film of 2013: Behind the Candelabra.

Best 'thing I discovered that everybody else already knew about' in 2013: Venture Brothers.

Most pleasant surprise of 2013: Arrow. Thought it'd be rubbish but I can't get enough of it.

Not gonna bother rating any more TV, 'cos I'm not a big follower of TV drama, and you know I'm just gonna say Doctor Who.

Also wanted to mention that Dan Slott's Superior Spidey & Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder's Action Comics have also been highlights for me in 2013.

Biggest cry-baby of 2013: Mark Waid, for his cinema tantrum during Man of Steel. I feel sorry for the poor sods sitting behind him

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