Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Doctor Who and the Greatest Brian Blessed Anecdote Ever

My great pal Madeley and I were reminiscing on Twitter yesterday about one of our favourite Doctor Who related anecdotes so I thought I'd dig it out and share it with the world. In 2002/2003 Doctor Who Magazine (issues #321-325) ran a huge Colin Baker interview in which the magnificent Sixth Doctor reminisced about his life, his career, and his time on Doctor Who. It's an extremely candid interview in which Colin Baker comes across as a warm and witty man with a great love for the programme. It's full of brilliant anecdotes but this one about the mighty Brian Blessed (who played King Yrcanos in Trial of a Timelord) is definitely one of the best.

If you're a Who fan I recommend tracking these issues down on ebay. It's a fantastic interview.

On a personal note, later in 2003 I met Colin Baker when some friends and I hung around in the bar of St David's Hall in Cardiff after watching him perform in a production of HMS Pinafore. We told him we enjoyed the performance and he asked if we were music students. We apologetically told him we were Doctor Who fans and he reassured us, "That's ok, you're allowed to exist." He then signed autographs for us and enthused about Doctor Who's return, which had just been announced a few months previously.

He remains my favourite Doctor.

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