Sunday, 21 June 2015

DC Comics' Kevin Dooley VS The W.E.T.R.A.T.S

DC Comics and Marvel Comics are currently putting their characters through quite a few changes. Captain America is black, Thor is a girl and the Marvel Universe has been completely destroyed, save for a single "Battleworld" on which alternate versions of Marvel's Heroes & Villains battle for dominance. Meanwhile over at DC, Superman's secret identity has been revealed by Lois Lane, Commissioner Gordon is Batman and Wonder Woman has pointy bits on her bracelets! Online fans have been divided once again between those who cry "This character has changed too much, it's all ruined!" and those who cry "What's the point, it's just going to change back to the status quo?!"

For the most part I'm enjoying the ride, although I have had the odd fanboy moan over the cancellation of Fantastic Four. It's amusing to see fans, some of whom are older than me and should know better, acting as if this is the first time the Big Two have monkeyed around with their characters in order to shift a few extra comics.

In the early 90s Superman was killed and Batman had his back broken, and it all ended up being quite a money spinner for DC. DC sought to repeat this success in a number of ways, for example Green Lantern went evil and was replaced by a younger model, while Aquaman had his hand chewed off by piranhas. The editor in charge of the changes to GL and Aquaman was a man named Kevin Dooley. Dooley apparently got sick of the constant complaints he was receiving from hardcore fanboys and eventually, in the letter column of Aquaman #0 (Oct, 1994) he let rip. His infamous WETRATS rant is still bitched about on message boards to this day, but I have to say, I completely agree with him. Most of what he said can easily be applied to today's fans and today's comics. The only difference is that many of today's fans are moaning because comics aren't more like they were in the '90s!

Here for your enjoyment is Kevin Dooley's WETRATS rant (I've highlighted the bits I thought were particularly relevant today).

What do you think? Are you a WETRAT?

Intro to Letters Page - Part 1

Intro to Letters Page - Part 2

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Closing column - Part One 
Closing column - Part Two

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