Thursday, 11 July 2013

Justice League #22: "Who is trying to impute the Man of Steel?"


Certain comic book news websites have attempted to stir up some controversy regarding Justice League #22 this week. Apparently there's no such thing as bad publicity but some fans are getting mad about what they think has happened, and it bugs me to think that people might avoid what I think is a damn fine comic over something that just isn't true.

You may have heard that Superman kills Dr Light in Justice League #22. It certainly appears that way until the last page, when the story's main bad guy, The Outsider, says this....

So, it's not some massive controversy, it's just a bad guy doing a bad thing to a good guy, which y'know, occasionally happens in superhero comics.

Have we as comic fans become more inclined to let ourselves get whipped up by comic book news websites than to actually read the comics and judge for ourselves?


  1. The part where it was faked is what pissed me off. Johns JUST did this is JLA.

    1. It's also an INCREDIBLY cheap way to make it so Superman THINKS he killed someone which is bullshit just the same.



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