Sunday, 23 June 2013

Aquaman: The Movie, starring Gerard Butler

As you might have guessed from this Photoshop job, I'm getting pretty excited about the prospect of a Justice League film. I think 300 proved that Gerard Butler has what it takes to play a Warrior King. Who do you think should play the King of the Seven Seas?


  1. Great photo-shop work Paul. Butler is a battle-axe however he's a bit too old to play Aquaman with the current direction that Warner Brothers is using to bring DC heroes to a new, younger audience. He'd be great for one of Arthur's Atlantean guard or even Thomas Curry!

  2. PS -- we LOVE your Superman header composition for your site. Ever think of doing one like that with Aquaman???

    1. Thanks for the feedback. That's a good idea, I might give it a go. :)



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