Sunday, 3 February 2013

Who are your Top Ten Favourite Super-Heroes Ever?

Who are your Top Ten favourite super-heroes of all time?

Here are the rules (that I just made up):
  • You may count a team as one if they were originally conceived as a team (i.e. X-Men) but not if they were pre-existing heroes who were later grouped together (i.e. Justice League). However if you wish to list individual members from any team you may do so. 
  • You may not specify an era for a team or an individual. (i.e. pre-Crisis Superman, Claremont/Byrne X-Men, etc) 
  • If several heroes have headlined a book using one name you may count them all as one. For example if you put The Flash on the list it will count as Jay, Barry, Wally and Bart. You may however specify an individual bearer of that mantle if you wish.
  • They can be from any publisher, not just DC or Marvel.
  • Heroes cannot share a number (i.e. Superman and Batman cannot be joint first).
Here's my list, in order of preference:
  6. FLASH
  10. HULK
How about you? Leave your Top Ten in the comments below and let me know!


  1. Ask me tomorrow and I might change the whole list, but tonight...

    1. Daredevil
    2. She-Hulk
    3. Aquaman
    4. Flash
    5. Hawkeye
    6. Doom Patrol
    7. Hulk
    8. All-Star Squadron (the Golden Age heroes all used to be solo acts, but over time they've been grouped into a team, this one or the JSA, so I think this is fair. All-Stars is more inclusive though)
    9. Animal Man
    10. Legion of Super-Heroes

    Oddly, the big guns aren't on here (Supes, Bats and Spidey) in favor of quirkier heroes, and that's what I'm all about.

  2. Rats! Siskoid beat me to it....
    1.Legion of Super-Heroes
    6.The Spider
    7.Fantastic Four
    9.Doc Savage
    10.Green Lantern
    I include pulp heroes because you didn't specify comics only. Of course, the Spider and Doc Savage have appeared as comics characters as well, but I'm thinking specifically of pulp.
    The ranking is pretty arbitrary beyond the top four. Next week I may well rank them differently. They probably would be the same ones unless I'm currently suffering what my students call a “brain fart” and overlooking someone. Your limitation of teams only being those created AS teams kept the Teen Titans out as well, and if it's kosher to put both a team AND an individual member (you're a bit unclear on that), Mon-El might well find his way on the list.
    PS: I really don't like your Blogger format. I had to resort to Internet Explorer to find a way to leave a comment. Neither my Chrome nor Opera would let me scroll down the page that far. Just thought you'd like to know. (I don't have Firefox on this machine.)

  3. ... And now I know who I forgot. The original Capt. Marvel goes in at number six. Sorry Green Lantern!

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  5. Dang. I guess Jacob had Deadpool on the

    Anyway, my list is simple:
    1. Superman (of course)
    2. Batman
    3. Wolverine
    4. The Flash (either Barry or Wally)
    5. Spider-Man
    6. Nightwing
    7. Superboy (Conner Kent)
    8. Captain America
    9. Nightcrawler
    10. Iron Man

  6. 1. Green Lantern (Jordan)
    2. Flash (West)
    3. Superman
    4. Nightwing (sorry, Bruce. I just have a preference.)
    5. Batman
    6. Deadpool
    7. Green Lantern (Rayner)
    8. Nightcrawler
    9. Spider-Man
    10. Wolverine

    What can I say... I prefer DC any day of the week.

  7. 1. Batman*
    2. Hellboy
    3. Swamp Thing
    4. Dracula (Marvel U)¹
    5. The Rocketeer²
    6. Tom Strong
    7. Monkeyman and O'Brien³
    8. The Phantom
    9. Thor
    10. The Fantastic Four

    * You said that we couldn't specify an era/run but you didn't say anything about excluding one, so I'm excluding any Batman by Chuck Dixon. Ever.
    ¹ Yes he's a villain, but he's been a hero too. Once a member of The Defenders. Fact!
    ² Yes he's a super-hero, if Batman and Iron Man count, so does he.
    ³ This counts as a team.

    Honourable mentions/bubbling under: Planetary, Dr. Strange, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  8. 1 Superman
    2 Batman
    3 Hulk
    4 Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)
    5 Thor
    6 Captain America
    7 Flash
    8 Doctor Strange
    9 Legion of Super-Heroes
    10 Fantastic Four

  9. 1. Superman
    2. Plastic Man
    3. Superboy (Kon-El)
    4. Aquaman
    5. Green Lantern
    6. Supergirl
    7. Adam Strange
    8. Captain Marvel (DC)
    9. Booster Gold
    10. Nightwing (If Bruce would just stay dead, he could finally get his big chance!)



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