Sunday, 20 January 2013

Spider-Man: One More Day - THE TRUTH!

I don't believe no one's noticed this before. It's so obvious. The clues are staring us right in the face!

Remember Spider-Man: One More Day, the controversial 2007 story in which Spider-Man and his wife Mary Jane make a deal with the demon Mephisto and sacrifice their marriage to save the life of Aunt May? The story that retroactively established that Spidey never married Mary Jane? The story that sparked outrage from Spidey fans and is still regularly lambasted on comic related message boards all over the 'net? The story that I actually quite like?

Of course you do!

Well, you may have wondered if Marvel left themselves a hidden back door in order to reverse the events of the story, just in case they decided that Spidey should be married once again. Well, I can reveal, they did! Subtly hidden in the story is a clue regarding the identity of the REAL villain behind One More Day. Check out this recurring sound effect from the story's climax!

A clear indication that the real villain behind One More Day, and possibly every bad thing that's happened to Spidey since, is none other than....


Ok, I'm talking bollocks, but I had you going for a sec', right?

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