Wednesday, 24 October 2012


As of today I'll be contributing articles to World of Superheroes! Finally I'm a legit-o-mite writer! I'll still be writing stuff for here too though so don't go away. What better way to start my contributions than with a re-draft of my most controversial article;

Why Superman Should Be Gay (Or At Least Bi-Sexual)

It's already attracted a lot of anger on Facebook, some of it is quite amusing. Now, I'm by no means saying that if you disagree with this article then you're homophobic, but if you disagree with this article by typing "Superman has always stood for the America Way...Not the American Gay!" (as one Facebook commenter did) then you probably are homophobic.

Keep checking out World of Superheroes for more of my articles. And also, just keep checking it out anyway because it's a great website!

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