Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Three reasons to check out Grant Morrison's Action Comics


Regular readers of this blog might have observed that I'm something of an apologist for DC Comics' New 52. DC's line-wide reboot (now in it's twelfth month) has been far from perfect but, for me at least, there have been many high points. Highest among them has been Grant Morrison's work on Action Comics.Today saw the release of Action Comics #12 and it was one of the best issues yet. I love this comic so much that it depresses me that there may be Superman fans out there who are not getting it. Perhaps you're one of them? Perhaps you were put off by Superman's t-shirt, or his v-necked armour? Perhaps you didn't bother with it because Clark and Lois aren't married any more? Perhaps you sampled the first few issues and felt that a younger, brasher, more arrogant Superman wasn't for you? Perhaps the inconsistent art has put you off? Perhaps you couldn't be bothered with another reboot? All legitimate, understandable reasons, but please, from one Superman fan to another, you owe it to yourself to give this comic a chance, or even a second chance.

Please allow me to give you three examples from issue #12 of the awesomeness that is Grant Morrison's Action Comics.

1) Are you absolutely sick to death of reading about Superman doubting himself and carefully considering the consequences of his actions? I know I am. Well fear not! Morrison has the answer to that!

That's right, Morrison's Superman has an instinctive grasp of right and wrong and follows these instincts with the impetuousness of youth. Must there be a Superman? Who cares? Take that evil-doer!!

2) How many times in the past couple of decades have we seen Superman sitting helplessly by a hospital bed, tears welling up in his eyes as someone close to him (probably Lois) lies at death's door? Well, not in Action Comics #12! Check this out!


This is a genuine super-feat, the likes of which we haven't seen in years. Under Morrison it really feels like Superman can perform miracles again.

3) In the previous issue, Superman had abandoned his Clark Kent identity, feeling it had served its purpose. Leave it to Batman then, the most human member of the Justice League, to remind Superman of the importance of his humanity. And check out the very Batman-like way he does it. Not with an impassioned plea or a lecture, but with statistics and facts. Clark Kent can do just as much good as Superman and "the world needs all the heroes it can get"!

So give it a chance, even if you're not a Superman fan. Hopefully what I've shown you with these three snapshots of issue #12 is that Morrison's Action Comics is fun. And who doesn't like fun? And if you still don't like it, well not to worry, Morrison's leaving the title with issue #16. But as far as I'm concerned he will have left us with one of the all time best interpretations of Superman.

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  1. "Regular readers of this blog might have observed that I'm something of an apologist for DC Comics' New 52." Naw, man, nobody'd ever observe that.... :) Seriously, you're right, there's good and bad in the DCnU, but one of the good -- if not the best -- things is Morrison's Action Comics. I'm drafting a post for my own blog summing up "The New 52 -- One Year Later," to be published at the end of the twelfth month (which is delayed from my perspective since I get my comics for the month all at once at the end of the month), and I definitely will be linking to this post regarding Action. I'm pretty sure we'll agree on some things and disagree on some things, but here we definitely agree. -- Cheers, Kent



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