Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Before Watchmen: My Tuppence Worth

Today DC Comics announced their new series of Watchmen prequels, Before Watchmen. It's hard to get too excited about them. Watchmen is a perfectly complete story in it's own right. Everything that needs to be said about those characters and that world is said in the original story. Anything else would be fan-wank. Creatively speaking I don't believe there's a need for these prequels but that doesn't mean I'm against them.

These prequels will give DC Comics some mainstream press coverage and (who knows) maybe some curious noses through the doors of comic shops, which is good for everybody. Also, while Alan Moore is against the prequels, the other half of the original creative team, Dave Gibbons doesn't mind, and his opinion counts too. And DC haven't done this half arsed, they've put one hell of a good creative team on board. As I said, it's hard to get too excited about all this but I'm a little tempted by Darwyn Cooke's Minutemen. It'll be fan-wank, but fan-wank can still be entertaining. It's just a shame that DC aren't getting mainstream press coverage and new fans from something as new and original as Watchmen was all those years ago.

I'll leave you with what immediately popped into my head the minute I saw Andy and Joe Kubert's image from their Nite Owl mini-series.

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  1. hehe, nice.

    But Jae Lee on Oyzmandias could be fun :)



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