Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Is the Nu52 Superman Costume Any Good?

There's been a lot of controversy (i.e. moaning) on the internet about the new Superman costume featured in the recent DC Comics relaunch. Red knickers are out and armour and v-neck collars are in! While I was a bit unsure at first I must say that with each new appearance of the costume I'm liking it more and more. I thought I'd pop up a quick post in which I shared some of my favourite images featuring the new costume so far. The first four images are by the costume's designer Jim Lee. For a while I thought that perhaps the problem with the new design was that only Lee could make it work and liking the costume depended on liking Lee's particular style. This fear was mostly based on the work of George Perez and Jesus Merino over on the Superman title. Perez is one of my favourite artists but neither he nor Merino could seem to draw the new costume without making it seem clunky and awkward. Since then however I've seen a number of other artists interpret the costume and I'm feeling more confident that this design can be just as iconic as the previous one. The main reason I've chosen these images as my favourite is that I feel that these images depict SUPERMAN, as opposed to Superman in a different costume.

What do you think?

Jim Lee

Jim Lee

Jim Lee

Jim Lee

Greg Capullo

Ivan Reis

Andy Kubert

Mahmud Asrar

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