Friday, 1 July 2011

San Diego Comic Con 2011, DC Original Characters Protest Walk: WHAT A SHOWER OF GITS!

In 1965 thousands of Americans marched from Selma to Montgomery in a bid to outlaw racial discrimination and gain voting rights for African Americans.  In 2011 at the San Diego Comic Con a bunch of joyless bastards will be protesting the September relaunch of DC Comics' super-hero line.  I realise this relaunch isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but to actually protest against it at the SDCC is ludicrous.  The protest will accomplish very little except expose genuine fans who are there to celebrate their love of this wonderful medium to grumbling and negativity that they could probably do without, having paid so much to attend this event.  The protest will also potentially gain more publicity for the relaunch that these people claim to hate so much.  Over on, Rich Johnston has argued that the publicity garnered from a protest of this nature could be very beneficial for DC Comics.  He even argues that there's a danger that not enough people will attend the protest and so is organising a counter-protest in order to drum up even more publicity.  This makes infinitely more sense to me than the motives of the original protesters.

I don't expect everyone to embrace this relaunch with open arms, but there are a number of other, more sensible alternatives to making a twat of yourself at a large, public event.  Write to DC, complain on your blog, debate on the message boards or (here's a radical notion) give the comics a chance and if you don't like them, DON'T BUY THEM!  Spend your money on something that does still give you pleasure!  When you think of all the worthy causes that public protest has been used for over the years, civil rights, peace, freedom, doesn't protesting against the absence of Superman's red knickers trivialise it all just a little bit?  I'm not saying that these people shouldn't do their little protest walk, I'm just saying they're all wankers.

The new costumes, as drawn by Jim Lee.


  1. The idea of people protesting something that they choose to be a part of is absolutely ridiculous. Equal rights, equal pay, and other social and legal issues are one thing. But the editorial direction of a comic book company? It's absurd, and it shows just how deluded and self-centered a certain segment of DC's fanbase has become.

  2. Deluded and self-centred sums it up! They've got a right to protest but why do it? All they're doing is inflicting their silliness on other people.

  3. Americans have too much time AND money. :)
    I think it is a human curse - we are silly about the things that matter and serious about the silly things. :)



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