Monday, 18 July 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes vs. X-Men

Lately I've been rediscovering the X-Men, mostly through my hardback collection of Grant Morrison's New X-Men run but also through a battered copy of the highly enjoyable X-Men: Fatal Attractions that I managed to pick up for two quid!  Reminding myself of why I used to enjoy the X-Men so much years ago has also reminded me of how much I would absolutely love to see a Legion of Super-Heroes/X-Men crossover.  Sadly both Marvel and DC currently seem to have no interest in any more inter-company shenanigans.  Once upon a time however a Legion/X-Men crossover was tantalisingly close!  According to legendary Legion/X-Men artist Dave Cockrum;
"But there also originally was going to be a Legion/X-Men crossover, and I was to draw it.  Then they decided ‘No, we'll make it a Teen Titans/X-Men crossover,’ and that's the one that Walt Simonson drew.  They figured that the Teen Titans were more commercial." 
Despite being owned by two different companies and being separated by several centuries, the Legion and the X-Men have a lot in common.  Indeed, Nightcrawler was almost a Legion character!  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that one day we'll see these two super-teams united in battle!  Until then I'll console myself with my own Photoshop visions of what could have been.

The X-Men bits are of course from Uncanny X-Men #136 (1980) by John Byrne, Terry Austin and Jim Novak.  Sun Boy is from Legion of Super-Heroes #296 (1983) by Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt.   Sensor Girl is from Legion of Super-Heroes #349 (1987) by Curt Swan and Dan Bulanadi.  Timber Wolf is from Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes #6 (1988) and is by Mike Zeck.  Cosmic Boy is from Cosmic Boy #2 (1987) and is by Steve Lightle.

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