Sunday, 5 June 2011

DC Comics Relaunch: My tuppence worth

On the day the news broke about DC Comics' massive relaunch I managed to toss out a quick reaction on the blog, but I hadn't really had time to fully digest the information and decide exactly how I felt about the the fifty two brand spanking new first issues heading our way in September.  So now that a few days have passed, how do I, DC Comics nut that I am, feel about the various rebootings, retweekings and relaunchings in store for Superman and his pals?  Well, it's still difficult to say.  It feels like there's an ongoing battle between optimism and pessimism going on in my brain.  I've decided that rather than try and put this into words I'm going to visually represent it in the form of the ultimate battle between good and evil!  Optimus Prime Vs. Megatron!!!!

The original battle is from Transformers: The Movie Adaptation #1 (1986) with art by Don Perlin, Ian Akin and Brian Garvey.  The font is Deeko Comic Regular and is by d-ko and is found here.


  1. Brilliant stuff, Paul! When the news first broke, I was positive that I was done with DC comics, end of discussion... But, like any kind of addict, I don't know if I can just drop these comics and characters cold turkey come September... That's what made this post so great... The same conversation has been going on in my head since the news broke. Will this reboot/relaunch/whatever they're calling it be good for DC? History says no, but maybe this is the time they get it right. If nothing else they'll at least see a sales spike in Sept with all those new #1's. But will they get new fans or will they alienate older, loyal fans? I honestly think neither will happen. You'll still snag the occasional new fan(same as it's been since the 1940's), but I doubt this reboot is going to get a ton of non-comics fans running to the comic store because Hal Jordan is now a few years younger... And older fans will whine and complain(I am SO guilty of that!), but will almost certainly stick it out and keep reading the DC titles they always did... They'll just be grumpier than usual when doing it!

    Oh, and before I go I'd be remiss if I didn't say I cracked up laughing at the, "Jim Lee promised on Twitter!" and "Dan Didio.. er.. seems like a nice guy..." lines. The line about the writers jumping ship, leading to artists trying their hand at writing was also a pretty good point as well... Anyway, thanks for giving me a reason to laugh at this whole DC fiasco!

  2. That was great, man. I loved it. Absolutely brightened my day after this whole thing.

  3. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  4. Nice idea! Loved the dramatic "NEVER".
    Unfortunately, this reboot underscores something I have always felt: there are two types of writers in comics - the gifted storytellers (Dark knight returns - wow, wow, wow!) and the spectacularly clueless, talentless hacks(Crisis on Infinite Earth - unreadable dredge). The talentless hacks try to impose their will on the universe by changing things! :)



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