Monday, 23 May 2011

Green Lantern: The 1960's Movie

Ever wondered what Jack Palance would look like as the Punisher?  Or who would star in 1950s production of the X-Men?  Then check out Sean Hartter's Alternate Universe Movie Posters!  Great fun!

I've been inspired by his good work (and by the upcoming Green Lantern movie) to try and create a '60s movie poster of my own.  And yes, I know Gil Kane used Paul Newman as the model for Hal, but I happened to come across a picture of Warren Beatty that just seemed perfect.


  1. I'd go to see that movie just because of those Guardians in the background! Man are they creepy looking! Awesome stuff as always, Paul!

  2. Thanks dude. They ought to be creepy looking, they used to be Mole Men, as seen in 'Superman and the Mole Men'. I've promoted them! :)

  3. Hahaahahha! Good job, Paul!



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