Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Really Rob Liefeld? You really wanna go there?

I'm usually against slagging off comics professionals on the internet.  Firstly there's far too much undeserved negativity and bile directed towards these people and they don't need me adding to it.  Secondly the worst comic writer/artist out there is at least a thousand times more talented than me.  Not only that but everyone of them has actually got up off their arses and worked their way into the industry, which is no mean feat.  While I'm entitled to express my opinion on their creative output they all still deserve my respect.

But then I see stuff like this on Rob Liefeld's Twitter feed....

Hey if you are @ does that mean you're the talented version of Stan??

Hopefully the Ghost of Jack Kirby will show up today and kick Stan's sorry ass as he gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Really? Really? Rob Liefeld really wants to publicly have a go at Stan Lee!? Really?!

Just to remind you all, Stan Lee is the guy who co-created most of the Marvel Universe and, along with other legends such as Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, changed the face of mainstream superhero comics for all time.  Rob Liefeld is the guy who helped set the brief '90s trend for over-muscled, multi-pouched superheroes with big guns.  He famously can't draw feet.  He drew this...

So just so we're all clear, the man who helped create this...

is being criticised by the man who did this...

That's this....

...versus this...

I'm being unfair.  Rob Liefeld has had a massive impact on the comics industry.  He's a self-taught artist who worked his way up to the top of his field.  He co-founded Image Comics.  He co-created Deadpool.  He's done more with his life than I ever will to say the least.

But he can't draw feet.  And Stan Lee is STAN LEE!

This isn't the first time Liefeld has had a go at someone by whom he's ridiculously outclassed.  In the past he's thrown stones out of his glass house in the direction of Alan Moore.  Check it out here.   Fellow blogger Duy Tano has published a highly amusing rebuttal to this interview on his Comics Cube.

I feel guilty taking these cheap shots at Liefeld.  Like I said, there's enough bile on the internet directed towards comic pros.  But really? Rob Liefeld?  Taking shots at Stan Lee? Really? Stan Lee?



  1. Liefeld strikes again. What a douche.

  2. We all know that Stan hasn't exactly been forthcoming in sharing the credit, but Stan's own contribution has still been massive.

    I don't actually like disrespecting people who are more talented than me on the internet but obviously Liefeld has no problem doing it.

  3. Liefeld seems to think artists are an oppressed minority group or something.

    I love a cheap shot at Liefeld, because I don't need to spend a lot to get a lot.

  4. "Liefeld seems to think artists are an oppressed minority group or something."

    Which is kind of an amusing observation when considering we're talking about Rob Liefeld here.

  5. Paul, I'm certain a lot of us who aren't as fortunate as he is are actually more talented than Liefeld. Let's look at the accomplishments of his that you've pointed out:

    He's a self-taught artist - who didn't teach himself very well.

    who worked his way up to the top of his field. - that and with a Levi's commercial.

    He co-founded Image Comics. - then got booted out of it, then came back years later. He also did Heroes Reborn and was fired halfway through the project because he couldn't get the sales he needed.

    He co-created Deadpool. - The co-creators of Deadpool are Marv Wolfman, George Perez, and Fabian Nicieza. Upon seeing Rob's initial design for Deadpool, Fabe just said "Wait, this is just Deathstroke the Terminator." That's why Fabe gave him the personality he did. So let's see, in terms of looks, Deadpool was really just Deathstroke, as created by Marv and George, and in terms of personality, he was all Fabe. Liefeld's contribution basically amounts to "Let's STEAL this DC character and move him to Marvel Comics."

    He's done more with his life than I ever will to say the least. - I'm sure that's not true, Paul.

  6. Thanks dude, maybe I was being a little too generous.:) I wouldn't mind being in a Levis ad though.

  7. Wow... Who knew Rob Liefeld was actually stark-raving mad! I mean he's either insane or a complete idiot... Oh who am I kidding. If he's ripping on The Man, he's a complete, total and undeniable buffoon!

  8. Paul wrote: "Stan hasn't exactly been forthcoming in sharing the credit, but Stan's own contribution has still been massive."

    Hasn't Stan come around recently (a la McCartney towards Lennon) and gone the other way with his comments?

    If not, Paul is still correct in recognizing Stan alone....

  9. Mock - Duy has a great series of articles on his blog about who deserves credit for creating the Marvel Universe. It seems that Stan has conceded that he co-created many of these characters along with the likes of Ditko and Kirby, but he may not really mean it.


    He's still awesome though, and I think we all agree his contribution to comics is huge.

  10. Thanks for the heads up....I will check it out!



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