Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Check Out The Comics Cube!

Ever wondered who the most influential comics writers were?  Check out Duy Tano's The Comics Cube! where Duy is currently counting down The Top Ten Most Influential Comics Writers.  It's a very surprising list, for example I initially expected Alan Moore and Stan Lee to be a lot higher, but it's difficult to disagree with Duy's well reasoned arguments for each writer's position.  It's also a very informative list and it's left me wanting to check out more stuff by writers such as Will Eisner and Carl Barks.  Duy's currently reached Number 3 on his list and I'm eagerly awaiting Number One.  Check it out!

Superman and The Spirit by Will Eisner from Superman #400 (1984)

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Paul!

    Readers should check out my list of influential artists too.



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