Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Stewart Lee, Alan Moore and Comics

That's not Stewart Lee with Alan Moore, it's my pal Mike.  He got to meet Moore and I didn't! Lucky git.  Photo by Rosie Reed Gold.
Stewart Lee is the best British comedian around today, FACT.  He's probably most famous for co-writing Jerry Springer the Opera but he's also a massive comics fan.  In fact he's even pitched ideas to Marvel, including one about the teenage years of Agatha Harkness that sounds awesome.  Five years ago he interviewed beardy comics legend Alan Moore for BBC Radio 4.  The interview can be found here on Lee's website.  Moore discusses his influences, how he got into comics and his various great works such as From Hell, Swamp Thing and V For Vendetta.  They also talk a great deal about superheroes and the various goofy aspects of Silver Age comics that first drew them to the medium.  Moore remembers Ace the Bat-Hound, "Batman's dog had a mask, in case any of the other dogs recognised him", while Lee fondly recalls the classic Legion of Superheroes story,  The Super Moby Dick of Space, much to Moore's amusement.  It's really fascinating stuff and very funny so I thought I'd share it here.

The interview can be heard by following this link.

There's also an unbroadcast snippet where Moore talks about Superman and Mort Weisinger and another where he discusses The Killing Joke.

I had a ticket to see Stewart Lee performing a few weeks ago but a family illness meant he was forced to cancel.  I'm looking forward to the rescheduled gig in March and I hope the family illness wasn't too serious.  Here's a clip of his comedic might from the ol' Tube of You.  It's NSFW with lots of swear words,

Listen out for the Marvel Comics reference....

And here's part two of that clip...

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