Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Director of Morrissey video to direct Superman movie!

Bleeding Cool have just made it known that Zack Snyder is directing the new Superman movie!  This is fantastic news.  Snyder is just what Superman needs.  While I'm a fan of Superman Returns there's no disputing its faults.  A Superman movie in the 21st Century has got to be more than just feelings and crystals.  In 1978 Richard Donner made us believe a man can fly, a modern Superman film has to do more than that.  Superhero movies are ten a penny these days, Superman should be taking the genre that one step further.  A modern Superman film should be showing us things we've never seen before.  I believe Snyder is the man to do this.

I'm basing this opinion mostly on 300 and WatchmenWatchmen definitely has its faults, mainly a script that contains far too much exposition and a godawful sex scene!  But these are balanced out with some great moments, such as the excellent opening montage and just about every scene Rorschach's in.  300 has a few morally dubious scenes, in fact it's fair to say that anyone who takes the film at anything other than face value is going straight to hell.  But who cares when a film is this much fun?! Watching 300 was one of the most fun movie experiences I've ever had.  Every single gory, homoerotic, over the top scene is just beautiful.

I usually refrain from using words like sumptuous to describe films for fear of sounding like a wanker, but it's a very appropriate word for Snyder's films and its exactly the quality that needs to be brought to a Superman film.  When I think of Superman Returns, despite some of the beautiful sets on display in the film, all I can bring to mind are the muted, dull colours of the Fortress, the muted, dull colours of Luthor's Island and the muted, dull colours of Superman's weird burgundy cape.  A Superman film needs to stand out and burn itself into your brain.  Superman's world is a world of robot duplicates, gorillas with laser vision, cube shaped planets and tyrant suns.  Superman has one foot in reality, the other in a '50s sci-fi wet dream.  Based on the look and feel of 300 and Watchmen, I think Snyder's the man to provide us with this vision.

There is however, one more reason that I'm thrilled with the decision to let Snyder direct the film.  In 1992, Zack Snyder directed the music video for Morrissey's Tomorrow.  He's directed the living music god that is MORRISSEY and now he's directing Superman! Sounds good to me!

Morrissey - Tomorrow
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  1. Shmeh. Count me out, sir. I think Snyder is too immature and too obsessed with gratuitous violence to be any good for Superman.

    Also, I passionately loathed the Watchmen movie, so I may be slightly biased.

  2. I'm hoping the violence will be toned down a bit, I doubt Warner Bros will let it be too bloody. But I think a little immaturity is what Superman needs. I liked Superman Returns but it was so po-faced.

  3. lol i just did a post about this today. I hated Watchmen but Snyders work is more good than bad. And its just great that they are moving forward quicker. Nolan oviously thinks this guy is the one to helm it, and I like his judgment so far. I suppose the big question is now who will actually play the man of steel! good post!

  4. Thanks. :) I'm hoping Jon Hamm, or someone like him. Routh was good but far too young, we need someone who looks like he's had a bit of life experience. But I'm sure whoever gets the job will be good, like you I'm trusting Nolan's judgement.

  5. I've always been of the school of thought that Superman should really be played by an unknown with generically mutable features. His face is way too out in the open and if you get someone well-known, you run the risk of having him seen as just "Actor X in a Superman suit" as opposed to "Superman." I say mutable because he should be convincing as Clark Kent too.

    For example, Christopher Reeve was an unknown, and it made it easier to see him as Superman. But if they got, say, sure, Jon Hamm, then we'd be seeing it as "Jon Hamm as Superman." An unknown actor makes us think he's Superman immediately.

    I'm not sure if that makes sense.

  6. re: Duy,
    in regards to unknowns, I guess we are all expecting it, but maybe this time around having a more of a known actor that can bring more of their acting experience to the role might work better? what do you think?

  7. Hi Dempsey,

    I get that, but I think my problem with an established actor is really that we will see him as an actor playing Superman more than just Superman. I feel the same way with any unmasked supehero - at least the ones with masks, well, they have masks.

    I do agree that someone talent should be the first criterion for the casting, but I would rather have it be a talented unknown than a talented known. But then I also would like to think that Superman's name would sell tickets, and I doubt that that's the case in this oversaturated superhero movie market.

  8. Thanks Duy,
    I totally get what your saying, it almost seems like it has to be an unknown to not picture him as anything else as Superman. But I will say I was surprised by this sort of thing before, when I first heard Christian Bale, a known actor for his part in American Pycho amongst other movies) I thought I would never be able to see him as Batman, just that serial murderer he played so well. And now, when I hear his name I just think BATMAN. It's interesting, and can't wait to see what/who they end up going with. Thanks for replying to the message before, I like this dicussion, you and Paul have great points.

  9. Hi Dempsey,

    I'm enjoying this conversation too, and if you don't mind, I'll add you to my blog list on the Comics Cube!

    I get what you're saying about Christian Bale, but honestly, I thought he would make a great Bruce Wayne when I saw him in American Psycho! I also sort of called Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man after seeing him in Pleasantville... ah well, one out of two ain't bad.

    But like I said, Batman wears a mask. Playing Bruce Wayne is one thing - as much as Bruce Wayne IS Batman, he's not the role in the costume that we have to suspend disbelief over. You know what I mean? It's like if Angeline Jolie played Wonder Woman. Angeline's a good actress, yes? And we'd almost all love to see her in the Wonder Woman suit, yes? It would put asses in seats, yes? But then the moment she actually puts on the Wonder Woman suit, the fact that Angelina is wearing the suit becomes BIGGER than the fact that Wonder Woman is on the screen, mainly because we can all see Angelina's face. Batman and Spider-Man don't have that - they're protected. Unfortunately for Superman, his face is there, plain as day.

  10. A very very good point (kicking myself for not even thinking about it ha ha). Yes I totally agree, Supermans mask is clark kent other than the rest like Bats and Spidey, and totally get the Jolie reference to Wonder Women (much rather see her as catwomen to be honest).
    If it is an unknown actor playing Supes, and this might sound weird, but I hope its a guy that fills out the suit! In the comics Superman is ripped to all hell, I think a late 20's to early 30's actor to play him so he's young enough to carry the character through to the sequels. Im sure were going to here news on several people in the running to play him soon, cant wait.



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