Friday, 2 July 2010

The Ultimate Superman Team Up!

If spending an entire evening Photoshopping my favourite pop culture icons into a fake comic book cover is wrong then I don't wanna be right!

Once again I must give credit to The Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues for inspiring me to do my own fake covers. I love that blog.


  1. I don't know whats better, the fact Woody Allen is on a team with David Bowie, Superman and 007, or the fact that Superman is back behind Bowie and Bond in his own comic. Nice work dude, I love photoshopped covers like this.

  2. Thanks dude. With that much awesome on the cover even Superman has to hang back.

  3. No problem at all, this is really good work. Oh I checked out the blog you linked and I can see why you'd be inspired, those were pretty awesome as well. Especially the one with Batmanm Luke Cage and Iron Fist.



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