Friday, 4 June 2010

Superman Vs. Thundercats

Some comics are absolutely critic proof.  Take for example the comic I discovered today hiding away in a second hand bookshop.  Superman/Thundercats #1.  It was published in 2004 yet unbelievably I had no idea of its existence until today.  It goes without saying, I bought it.

Now, there's no denying the story is mediocre.  It's your usual superhero team up stuff, Superman and the 'Cats meet, there's a misunderstanding, they fight, they make friends and team up against the real baddie.  The art is generally okay, but a bit confusing in places. At one point it's unclear whether the heroes are still in Metropolis or whether they've moved their fight to Thundera.

But y'know what?  It doesn't matter.  Y'know why?  'Cos Superman.  Is meeting.  The Thundercats.  And that's just pure awesome.

If you don't belive me look at this!

It's Lion-o in Metropolis!  With Snarf on his shoulder!  How cool is that!?

Holy Shit!  Lion-o just twatted Superman with the Sword of Omens!  Awesome!

Now Superman's smacked Panthro right in the kisser! And he's the 'ardest of the lot!

Haha! Take that Mumm-Ra you knob!

So in conclusion, viewed objectively Superman/Thundercats #1 contains passable story and art with no real surprises and gets 5 stars out of a possible 10.  But who buys a comic starring Superman AND the Thundercats to view it objectively?! Only some kind of joyless freak! That's who!  For sheer giddy fanboy joy, Superman/Thundercats #1 gets one million stars!  So there!

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  1. Love ya Paul, unconditionally -God



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