Monday, 4 January 2010

Stuff to look forward to in 2010

There's lots of stuff to get excited about in the coming year. Let's have a look shall we?

Kick Ass

I was put off the comic by all the hype surrounding it. Thanks to a clever viral marketing campaign involving Youtube and Myspace, and the fact that writer Mark Millar and artist John Romita Jr are pretty bloody fantastic, it seemed that Kick Ass was the next big thing in comics before the first issue was out. A film adaptation was reportedly in the script stage in May 2008, which is pretty fast work considering the first issue came out in April of that year. This didn't sit right with me at all as I felt that a comic should have a few solid issues of good writing and art under its belt before getting all this hype. As a result I haven't read a single issue as of yet. Very stupid behaviour I'm sure you'll agree. Kick Ass could be as great as it's made out to be or it could be complete codswallop. I don't know because I was too busy cutting my nose off to spite my face to read the damn thing. I must admit that in reacting to the hype by cocking my snoot at Kick Ass I've acted exactly like the kind of people who think they're terribly clever by making a big deal about how they've never read a Harry Potter book. Yeah, yeah, you're a bloody genius mate and I'm an illiterate nincompoop sucked in by Rowling's evil PR machine, now piss off we're talking about Quidditch!

So, I don't know if the comic's any good, because I've been a tit and not read it yet. One thing I do know though is that the trailer for the film looks awesome!

Iron Man 2

There is no way this movie can fail. For a start Robert Downey Jr can do anything. He's currently on our cinema screens in Guy Ritchie's daft but hugely entertaining 'Sherlock Holmes' offering a charismatic, funny and completely valid interpretation of the character of Holmes. Also Jon Favreau is directing again. If Favreau hadn't already proven his awesomeness with the first Iron Man film then Elf is surely testament to his genius. That's not sarcasm, Elf is a work of genius! My only initial worry about Iron Man 2 was the inclusion of War Machine. I'm not a huge fan of the '90s Marvel Comics trend of crappier versions of classic superheroes. As well as War Machine there was U.S. Agent, Thunderstrike, Scarlet Spider and Fantastic Force. I think Howard the Duck was the only Marvel character without an ultra-violent spin-off character.

I never saw the point of War Machine. Tony Stark built the War Machine armour, James Rhodes was just wearing it. Anyone could do that. My fears were put to rest when I saw the trailer however. I feel that I finally "got" War Machine. He's like Iron Man but he's black and white and he's got big guns on his shoulders. What's not to like?

The Return of Bruce Wayne

Bruce 'Batman' Wayne is returning from the dead in a mini-series written by Grant Morrison. This is how Morrison himself described it.
"Each of the stories is a twist on a different "pulp hero" genre — so there's the caveman story, the witchhunter/Puritan adventurer thing, the pirate Batman, the cowboy, the P.I. — as a nod toward those mad old 1950s comics with Caveman Batman and Viking Batman adventures. It's Bruce Wayne's ultimate challenge — Batman vs. history itself!"
Pirate Batman!!!!!!

The Fastest Man Alive!

There's a new ongoing series for the Flash written by comics king Geoff Johns with art by Francis Manapul, the guy who recently has done a beautiful job drawing Superboy in Adventure Comics.

Superman and Batman: Earth One

Geoff Johns will also be writing Batman: Earth One, a series of original graphic novels telling the story of Batman unrestrained by continuity. J. Michael Straczynski will be writing Superman: Earth One. Ok, so we've seen this before from DC Comics with their All Star line and there are those who question the need for yet another re-telling of Supes and Bats' origins. But these are two of the biggest, most talented names in comics having a crack at two of the best characters in comics. Excuse me if I'm excited! Plus the artwork from Gary Frank on Batman and Shane Davis on Superman looks sweet!

The Number One Reason 2010 will RULE!

Of course, all of these things pale into insignificance when compared to the prospect of the new series of Doctor Who. If I'm trapped in a box all year I'll be happy as long as I'm let out to watch this series. I'll let the trailer speak for itself.


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  1. Nice blog Paul, The trailer for kick ass is funny as & Iron Man 2 looks awsome, don't think it'll stand up to the first film though. I don't know what i'm going to do until the new series of the doctor is aired.
    Keep up the good work old pal



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