Monday, 28 December 2009

Doctor Who: David Tennant is better than sex and so is Matt Smith

On New Year's Day David Tennant's Tenth Doctor will pop his clogs in Part Two of 'The End Of Time'.  Like 99% of rational human beings I bloody loved Tennant's Doctor.  Whereas Christopher Eccleston burned through the Ninth Doctor with one season's worth of pure gold acting power, Tennant, in my opinion, took a bit of time to settle into the role, like a man easing himself into a hot bath of pure gold acting power.  There were times in Season Two where his performance may have come across as a bit smug, his voice a bit Timmy Mallet-esque, but he just got better and better and better.  By the time Seasons Three and Four came along Tennant was a natural fit for the role and now he can sit in a cafe with Bernard Cribbins and blub for five minutes and I'm utterly convinced that he's a lonely alien god and I'm utterly gripped.  Tennant's not just a good actor though, he's choc full of charisma, probably more so than Eccleston.  Tennant's Doctor is fun to watch, you want the Tenth Doctor to be your mate, even when he's committing the odd bit of genocide.  The only thing that's stopping me from declaring Tennant my favourite Doctor is that I love all ten of them for different reasons and I honestly couldn't find it in my heart to pick a favourite.  I'm very boring, I know.  Like those people who say that they haven't got any favourite bands, they "like a bit of everything."

As for Matt Smith, I'm confident that he's going to be fantastic.  I like all ten of them so far, I find it very hard to imagine that number eleven will be the odd one out.  Many have written off Smith already despite the fact that not one scene of his portrayal of the Doctor has been seen by the general public yet. One common criticism is that, at the age of 27, he's too young, but all real Who fans can tell you that Peter Davison was only 29 when he took the role.

Another criticism is that they've played it safe by going for a Tennant clone.  This criticism baffles me.  For a start we have no idea how Smith will play his Doctor yet.  For all we know it could be as different from Tennant's portrayal as Troughton's was from Hartnell's, or Pertwee's was from Troughton's, or Baker's was see where I'm going with this.  Also, beyond their hair colour and the fact that their both caucasian males there is absolutely no resemblance between them!  Tennant is 38, Smith is 27. That's eleven years difference!  Tennant has a thin face with big wonderful, bulging eyes.  Smith has a head like a shoe box in a pair of tights.  And I mean that in a nice way, he's better looking than me.

Lastly of course there's the hair.  According to some critics, the fact that Smith has a vaguely fashionable haircut bars him from ever being able to portray the Doctor effectively.  They argue that Smith was chosen purely for his ability to appeal to a younger demographic.  There are three things wrong with this argument.
 1) Despite what some may think, the "younger demographic" aren't so stupid that they'll watch anything starring a random bloke with an emo haircut.
2) Despite what some may think, the BBC aren't so stupid that they'll hand over a lead role in one of their top programmes to some guy based solely on his 'do.
3) Dismissing Smith based only on his hair would be like watching an interview with Troughton in '66 and accusing the producers of cashing in on the Beatles.
When the first episode has aired let's hear those criticisms but at the moment I can say with all confidence that anyone who complains about Matt Smith being Doctor Who is a twat.

Until Smith enters the TARDIS however, there's still the painful matter of saying goodbye to Tennant.  If Part One of the 'End of Time' is anything to go by then he should be going out in a suitably spectacular fashion.  And I should think so too!  Tennant deserves a great send off.  He's brilliant.  And let's not forget that so far the Doctor has been killed in a number of pretty interesting ways.  His aging body has collapsed to the floor after battling the Cybermen, he's been forced to regenerate by the Time Lords, he's got radiation poisoning after fighting a giant spider, he's plunged to his doom from a giant radio telescope, he's died slowly of 'spectrox toxemia' after running through boiling mud and milking a giant bat, he's (ahem) fallen over and banged his head in the TARDIS, he's been riddled with bullets and died screaming on the operating table, he's (presumably) fallen during battle in the Time War and he's been consumed by the energies of the Time Vortex.

How do you top that?

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