Friday, 6 November 2009

Ten Facts About Superman That You Never Knew

Here are some Super-facts that you may not be aware of.

1) Superman is a fan of '80s pop sensations 'Was Not Was'.

2) Superman is legally ordained to perform wedding ceremonies 'twixt man and ape.

3) Superman enjoys being sarcastic to world leaders.

4) Despite having once saved the universe by singing (this is true), Superman is not a gifted performer.

5) Superman is a tool of the cereal industry.

6) Never mind Batman, Spider-Man or Muhammad Ali. Superman has fought He-Man! (This is so cool!!!)

7) Superman hates going to the dentist.

8) Despite owning several super powered robots, Superman does his own hoovering.

9) Middle aged Superman looks a bit like middle aged Morrissey.

10) And finally, Superman has done porn! (It's true! Action Comics 593 if you don't believe me!)


  1. Ah, Byrne. You c*nt.


  2. What about the veggie thing you told me about, Maybe a 10 more things some time?



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