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Lex Luthor has Sex with the Parasite!

If you're a Superman fan chances are you've heard of Grant Morrison, Tom Peyer, Mark Millar and Mark Waid's failed Superman 2000 pitch. By the late '90s DC were looking for a new direction for the Superman books and along came the aforementioned gentlemen with a mind blowing pitch. For the full details of the pitch I recommend the blogs of Timothy Callaghan and Chad Nevett, but the pitch basically amounted to a return to Silver Age greatness for the character. The emphasis would have been taken off '90s style soap opera, his marriage to Lois would have been wiped out and Lexcorp would have only represented a tiny fraction of Lex Luthor's criminal plots. Superman's powers would have been amped back up to planet juggling levels and we would have seen more of an aloof alien and less of the regular Joe that John Byrne had introduced us to.

Ultimately the pitch was rejected and Morrison wound up using loads of the Superman 2000 ideas in his brilliant All Star Superman series. DC played it safe with a slightly-less-new direction helmed by Jeph Loeb, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey and Mark Schultz. Superman was still married to Lois, Luthor was still a corrupt businessman and crazy, off-the-wall Silver Age style Super concepts took a back seat to the usual soap-operatics. The biggest development of this era was Lex Luthor getting voted President of the United States. This was a brilliant idea that, in my opinion, got swallowed up in the sprawling mess that was Our Worlds at War, a massive alien invasion crossover stemming from the Super-books. I own the two trade paperback collections of this story and I've read them at least four times but I'm buggered if I can remember what happens in them. The story jumps around all over the place until eventually Superman has a big punch up in space. I think Wonder Woman's mum kicks the bucket and there's some sweet Mike Wieringo art at some point, and that's it. Trust me, it's not good.

With all this in mind you might think the only logical course of action for a Superman fan would be to shake your fist at the heavens and curse God that you weren't born in a parallel universe where the brilliant ideas and concepts of the Superman 2000 pitch weren't just limited to All Star Superman and Waid, Morrison, Millar and Peyer had been given free reign over Kal El's fate. That's exactly what I was doing until the other day when I suddenly remembered that before Our Worlds At War, Loeb, Kelly, Schultz and Casey's run was pretty bloody great. I was struck by this realisation when, on a whim, I purchased a couple of trade paperback collections of their run and remembered that when I originally read these stories over ten years ago, before I knew anything about Superman 2000, I had really, really enjoyed them. The two trades were 'Til Death Do Us Part and Critical Condition and I heartily recommend them to any Superman fans.Here's the plot. Spoilers ahead. In 'Til Death Do Us Part the Kent/Lane marriage is on the rocks and Clark's sleeping on the couch. Clark spends a lot of time avoiding his problems in Smallville, during which time he does a little bonding on the Kent farm with his young clone, Superboy. Eventually he begins desperately trying to build bridges with Lois but her bitchy behaviour continues unabashed, and culminates with a late night liason with (gasp!) Lex Luthor! While this marital strife unfolds Superman's also coming down with a nasty cold which has the unexplained side effect of rendering him unable to shave. It turns out in the end that Lois has been replaced by the shape-shifting Parasite who has a big punch up with Supes and eventually dies of whatever mysterious ailment is plaguing Superman.

Yes. You read that right. Lex Luthor has sex with the Parasite!!!!!!

The awesomeness continues in the next book Critical Condition. Superman is frantically searching for the real Lois, all the while fighting his ever worsening mystery sickness. Meanwhile Luthor has his Amazonian, ninja sidekicks, Hope and Mercy also searching for Lois, all in a bid to distract him from the grief of having traded his infant daughter to Brainiac in exchange for control over the futuristic technology that has swept over Metroplois. This chapter of the story has a lovely/gross bit where Hope and Mercy convince a Lexcop scientist that he is mistaken in his discovery of Luthor DNA in the corpse of the Parasite. Ewwww! Luthor spunk! Eventually Superman enlists the aid of his pal, Batman in the search for Lois and there's some truly touching scenes between the two heroes....

Superman (green and knackered): "Bruce...Lois is...Lois is..."

Batman (picking up his friend and supporting his weight):
"I know. Don't worry. We'll find her."

Awwww, it's like Sam and Frodo.

Superman objects to Batman referring to Lois as the victim until Batman explains the reason for his aloofness during a case.

Batman (in an angry whisper): "The wet pulp sprayed across immaculate marble stairs is an abstract puzzle to cracked. It cannot be a 52 year old lawyer who picked the wrong night to be brave....A bruised body no bigger than my forearm cannot be a child....You can't do what I do and see people. Not while the case is open. Never. Because if they are, I can't see anything else. Only when the case is closed are they honored, mourned, reviled. Only then are they people. Do you understand?"

It's great stuff as you can see. The bit where they find Lois is even more touching. Batman slumps into a corner, thanking God in relief, and Superman falls into Lois' arms telling her he never doubted that Batman would find her and that she's beautiful, before slipping into a death-like coma.

There then follows a four part story where Superboy, Supergirl and Steel get shrunk down by the Atom and sent into Superman's body to seek out and destroy the Kryptonite nano-bot that's causing all the bother. The 'Fantastic Voyage' storyline is a sci-fi cliche but it's a highly enjoyable and entertaining one that I never get sick of. Just look at 'Inner Space' or the episode of The Brave and the Bold cartoon entitled 'Journey to the Centre of the Bat!'. It's a cliche, but a good 'un. The star of this story is Superboy, who bravely hides the fact that he has lost his powers in order to be chosen for this journey into Superman's guts. He's the one who manages to clobber the nano-bot with a dirty great big laser gun and is prepared to use that gun to sacrifice himself rather than be a danger to Superman when he re-grows to normal size. This story is proof that Superboy was a great character even before Geoff Johns got a hold of him in 'Teen Titans' and 'Adventure Comics'. As if that all didn't sound awesome enough, Deathstroke the Terminator is in it too!

I'm so glad I picked up these two trades. As a comics fan it's easy to grumble that comics aren't how they should be and they should have done this or they should have done that. These two trades reminded me that as great as Superman 2000 would have been, what we got was pretty great too. Who knows, in some parallel universe there may be some disgruntled fan complaining that, yeah, Superman 2000 was okay, but Loeb, Kelly, Schultz and Casey would have had Luthor shagging the Parasite.

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  1. I loved that Superman-Batman issue where they were looking for Lois. The bit in the bar in particular. That was Joe Kelly, wasn't it? He can be great when he's in the mood.



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