Friday, 25 September 2009

Mera, Queen of the Seven Seas

For those of you who don't know, Mera is the estranged wife of the much lampooned amphibian do-gooder that is Aquaman. I'm not here to add to the ever growing chorus of internet pundits having fun at the expense of Aquaman. "Ooh he talks to fish, blah, blah." Taking the mickey out ol' orange vest is boring, predictable and lazy and will never alter the indisputable fact that when Peter David wrote for the character in the '90s he wrote some of the greatest superhero comics ever. So there.

I am here, however, to focus on one of the most underused characters in comics. Mera. Mera has recently kicked serious ass in DC's brilliant Blackest Night series, in which she proves her worth by taking on zombie versions of her late husband and his crew. Here is a character brimming with potential. Let's list all that lovely potential.

1) She is powerful! Possibly more powerful than Aquaman. Here she is sinking a gigantic nuclear super sub.

2) She offers much dramatic and soap operatic potential. Her and Aquaman don't always see eye to eye. They've both played away from home a bit. Admittedly Mera cheated on Aquaman with a twisted other dimensional duplicate of her husband, which it could be argued is a bit of a moral grey area. Aquaman cheated on her with an attractive young lady in skimpy cut offs, which is just plain wrong any way you look at it. Regardless, it's juicy stuff. Here's Mera catching her husband AT IT!

3) Misogyny in comics is a terrible thing. One day females in superhero comics will be treated as equals rather than scantily clad sexpots who get stuffed in the fridge every time a male hero needs an excuse to punch something slightly harder than usual.
But, in the meantime we're dealing with a ridiculously misogynistic industry, an industry that had Luke Cage kick Elektra in the muff, so let's play the game for now. Here's a picture of Mera in the nip.

So there you have it. Three compelling arguments why Mera is the greatest superhero ever and should have six ongoing titles, a TV series, a movie franchise and several action figures. Now, for no reason here's Mera next to an underwater birthing pool. What's that all about?


  1. Mera is a great character who always gets overlooked, even more so than her main man!

  2. that fisrt paragraph there is very well said. it sums up my thoughts on Aquaman completely, me being a fan of his. people need to stop talkings smack about him, and yes Peter David introduced me to the character and i love his run incredibly.
    and a nice, short funny piece about Mera. I've always thought it was cool that she was more powerful than her husband, it wsa an interesting dynamic. you forgot to mention that she went crazy once and attacked Art, he fought back and accidentally killed her. At her wake she shot back to life, explaining that he physiology (she's from another dimension) meant that a wound like that wouldnt kill her. she then blamed him for their son's death and disapeared back to her home world. that's pretty cool

  3. Thanks for the feedback, I've heard of that story but I've never read it. I didn't know about the Mera coming back to life thing though. So we can possibly add healing factor to her list of awesome powers?

  4. How can you have a pool underwater?



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